Your investment, their home, is our priority!

What are your fees for property management?

Our fee structure is simple and transparent, we charge 8.5% + GST fixed fee on rental income for our property management services. That is because we believe fees should be transparent, simple, and inclusive of the basic services you’d normally expect form your property manager.

  • No advertising fee
  • NO fee for rental appraisals
  • NO disbursement fee
  • NO monthly 'administration' fee
  • NO maintenance premium on invoices
  • NO holding fee
  • NO annual fee
  • NO maintenance bond
  • NO charges for digital photos
  • NO charge for regular inspections or re-inspections
  • NO travel cost or mileage fees
  • NO charge for Credit Checks
  • NO charge for "To Rent" signage on vacant properties
  • NO charge for EOY Financial Statements
  • NO charge if you sell your rental or move back in

Want to know more about our fees? Please call us on 0800 114 978 or email us at [email protected]

How do you find tenants?

We strongly believe that a great picture tells a thousand words. To ensure that your property is presented in the most natural and appealing way, our property manager will take photo’s for advertising your property. Our approach is geared towards attracting the ideal prospective tenants for your property, and we achieve this by actively promoting all available rental properties. As part of our thorough tenant screening process, we meticulously conduct reference checks, rental history evaluations, and credit assessments.

Prospective tenants are required to provide a minimum of three personal references as part of their comprehensive application. This information is invaluable in conducting comprehensive background checks on each applicant. Additionally, applicants are mandated to submit photo identification (such as a passport or driver's license) and demonstrate their ability to meet rental payments.

Our background checks are carried out through two subscription-based information database services, which systematically search the following databases:

  • Verification of Driving License Information
  • Current and Previous Address History
  • Vehicle Registration Details
  • Current Landlord References
  • Previous Landlord References
  • Current Employer References
  • Records of Tenancy Tribunal Orders
  • Summary Instalment Orders
  • Insolvency Register
  • Sensible Sentencing Trust Records
  • Court Judgments and Fines
  • Property Ownership Recordss
  • Death Notices
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Company Ownership and Affiliations
  • Credit Ratings and History of Debt Defaults

How will we receive our rental property income?

As part of our overall property management service your rental income will be credit to your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis.

How will my property be maintained (or repaired when needed)?

We’ll work with you or your nominated tradespeople to have your property maintained. Alternatively, we can entirely manage any maintenance using our preferred tradespeople or own maintenance team.

How often will my property be inspected?

As part of our property management services your property will be physically inspected every 3 months and a property inspection report will be uploaded to your portal.

How do you determine the rental pricing of your property?

We consistently analyse market pricing using data from various sources. Subsequently, we compare the rental returns of our clients' properties to the prevailing market pricing and conditions. When do we consider rent increases? Our process involves an annual review of rental returns, and we formulate recommendations based on market conditions and other relevant factors.

Why should I choose YLPM for my property management?

The short answer is property management is our sole focus; we don't split our attention. This means we're dedicated to looking after your asset and ensuring the maximum return on your investment while understanding the importance of preventive maintenance. This focus ensures we stay at the forefront of legislative changes, monitor the market for potential influences that may affect our tenants and landlords, understand the significance of tenant selection and communication, and utilize all available tools and options to ensure your property, rental income, and legal obligations are maintained.

How do you deal with rent arrears?

All rents are checked daily (working day), and any rent arrears are generally picked up within 14hours. At YLPM we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for rent arrears, our procedure is:

  • First day overdue: we contact our tenant with a friendly reminder,
  • Second day: we breach in line with the residential act.
  • We follow up each day until the arears has been rectified.
  • Between Fifteen to Seventeen day: If still in arears, we apply to the tenancy tribunal to terminate the tenancy. This is the earliest by law that an application can be made, it is important to act quickly to help ensure the rent arrears and any potential damages to property are covered by the bond held.

Our aim is always to communicated and resolve any arrears quickly and get the tenancy back on an even footing.

Do you operate a Trust Account that protects my rents?

Yes. All rents are paid by tenants automatically into a separate Trust Account held with KiwiBank. This Trust Account is auditable. And is not linked to our Business Account. In other words, your rent money is kept completely apart from our business banking.

The Trust Account is fully disbursed each fortnight through our property management software. With two- factor authorisation associated with the account, for that extra security and peace of mind.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Guarantee #1 - One Management Fee

  • A simple, transparent, and easy to understand fee structure with no hidden charges, no added costs, and no nasty surprises! Not many property management companies can promise that.

Guarantee #2 - No Contracts

  • If you’re not happy with our service, you are free to leave at any time. If you want to leave within 3 months of signing a new tenant that we placed, advertising fees may be charged.

Guarantee #3 - Trouble-Free Tenants

  • If we are unable to resolve an issue with the tenancy, and the matter requires the Tenancy Tribunal, not only do we not charge for the time spent attending or preparing for the tribunal, but there is also no charge for the application (we will seek to claim this from the tenant as part of the application).
  • This includes situations where you currently have a problem tenant or rent arrears on a property that we start to manage on your behalf. We recover the application cost from the tenant and charge our standard 8.5% (+GST) on all rental income received, including arrears. So, we only get paid if we win, and you get paid.

Guarantee #4 - Communication is Key

  • All phone calls and emails are generally answered within two days. We have a landlord portal, for easy access to information.

Guarantee #5 - Changing to US is Simple

  • Making the switch from your current property manager really couldn’t be easier. Your signature on two forms is all it takes. Everything else is taken care of for you. Simple, really. And you don’t have to wait until the current tenancy ends either. That’s just a popular misconception.

Guarantee # 6 - No Tricky Contract Clauses

  • You won’t be locked into a complicated Management Agreement. If you decide to sell your rental, or move back in, just let us know and you’ll get your property files and keys promptly returned to you and your Management Agreement will be concluded. No asterisks, no fine print or hidden contract clauses, no notice period, no 30days locked-in terms.

Will you look after my property like it’s your own?

We approach the management of your investment in a businesslike way- it’s a business and should be making you an effective ongoing return on your money. Your property will be managed professionally, efficiently, and in full compliance with all current legislation. Above all, it will always be yours, and that means you are always in control. Remember, your property management services are tax deductible.

Do you find tenants for my property?

Yes, we do. You won’t be charged for this as per our Management Agreement if you have been with us longer than 3 months since your last tenant. We advertise on, OneRoof,, and our Facebook page. We maintain a database of vetted tenants. We do not advertise on Trade Me anymore, as we get good quality tenants from the other platforms.

How do you stay current with legislation and legal requirements?

Our property management team is regularly updating on the finer points of property management to a high standard through weekly in-house training sessions. We’re actively involved with changes to relevant legislation, including submissions to government select committees concerning the Residential Tenancies Act.

Also our Property Managers are qualified to Level 4 Property Management through the education Provider.