Your investment, their home, is our priority!

Our Story

Your Local Property Managers Ltd (YLPM Ltd) was officially established in January 2019. However, this followed months of planning and research that highlighted a gap in the market for a business focusing solely on property management, offering a simple fixed fee structure (8.5% + GST on rental income) with no additional fees.

Over the years, our rent roll, tenants, and landlords have grown to the point we are at today, with two full-time property managers based in Taumarunui, a part-time property manager in the southern region, and a full-time administrator.
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The ethos of our company is rooted in the belief that life wasn’t meant to be hard

We believe that by sharing the workload, we also share the failures, successes, and stresses inherent in the property management field. Unlike many property management businesses, we don’t assign a single property manager per property. Instead, we operate as a team, ensuring each team member is familiar with the ins and outs of each property, our owners, and tenants. This approach means that no matter the time or who answers the phone, you can be assured that the property manager you're talking to can address your concerns. It also helps ensure that events outside of work don’t impact our ability to deliver on our promises, providing an inbuilt checks and balance system that ensures nothing is overlooked.

We believe in the importance of work-life balance

But recognize that tenants may have emergencies at 2 am or landlords may only be available on a Sunday. Our team collaborates, and our 0800 114 978 number is available for urgent requests 24/7. The director is actively involved in the business and provides cover for our team on their days off.
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To safeguard the funds of our owners and tenants, we use a dual authentication bank account. Additionally, we hold not only public liability insurance but also statutory and property protection insurance. This ensures that regardless of the circumstances, our owners and their investments are protected.
Through strategic partnerships, the use of the latest technology, and ongoing improvements, we believe we are at the forefront of property management, tenant screening, and legal compliance.

Our director, with an LLB, is well-versed in tenancy law, tribunals, court proceedings, and IRD rulings that may impact our owners and their property. He can provide advice to ensure our owners stay ahead of the curve and remain fully compliant.

Our parent business is licensed by the Ministry of Justice as a private investigator and repossession agent. This enables us to assist in making our owners whole by tracking down ex-tenants should the worst happen, and tenants cause damage or abandon a property.

We service the greater Ruapehu Region - from Taumarunui in the north, through to Ohakune, Raetihi and Waiouru in the south.